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Wholesale Pine Straw

Our round and square pine straw bales are sold wholesale direct to landscapers, landscape contractors and architects, retail chains, retail nurseries, major lawn and garden centers,  developers, golf courses, airports, cities, counties, homeowners and all other customers who want to purchase a minimum of one full truckload of pine straw. With over 18,000 acres of […]

Round Pine Straw Bales

After this year’s freezing cold and crazy weather winter I am thinking of a nice fishing trip off the Grand Turks or some other warm exotic and tropical land.  Followed soon after by getting our yard and garden beds ready for Spring which officially begins March 20, 2014 and not soon enough for me. If […]

Choosing The Best Mulching Material

There are a variety of choices when deciding which type of mulch to apply to your yard. A good mulching material will protect to your plants, reduce erosion, and add beauty to your entire lawn. Going with organic mulch is always the best policy, but I will provide examples of other types as well. Mulch […]

Buying Pine Straw

Sometimes the best items for landscaping are ones that are used to create some attractive covers that anyone can take advantage of. These covers can come in many forms and may involve different things for all sorts of special needs. One of the best landscaping covers to use is pine straw, and buying pine straw […]

Best Pine Straw

Looking to improve your landscape or garden this summer season? Consider using the best pine straw to add natural mulch to your garden. Natural garden mulch is a protective layer of natural material put on top of the soil. Mulch is considered by most to be one of the most important components in a landscape. […]

Pine Straw Mulch

Pine mulch can be utilized all-around vegetables and perennials of all types which include rose bushes and raspberry plants. Pine straw consists of pine needles which come from pine trees. Pine straw may be harvested from pine stands around 6-8 years of age. Pine straw is also the perfect ground cover because of the attractiveness […]

Buy Pine Straw Every Season

One question that comes up a lot is “What is the best time of year to buy pine straw mulch to use in a garden or landscapes?” It is so easy to see the value of using pine mulch, but when do you use it and how does it help your garden each season? Most […]