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Outdoor Landscaping with Pine Straw

Pine straw can be used virtually anywhere in your landscape whether it’s at your residential home or office. Landscapers and garden professionals are choosing pine straw as their preferred choice of landscaping mulch due to its resilience, versatility and benefits to plants in the landscape. Residential Uses for Pine Straw: Homeowners throughout the United States […]

Natural Garden Mulch

Natural garden mulch is a protective layer of organic material placed on top of the soil. The use of mulch use varies from highlighting garden paths to keeping weeds down as well as assisting in overall plant growth and health. There are many different types of natural garden mulches and you should select the proper […]

Fall Landscaping with Pine Straw

The season is changing and we are approaching fall which is a great time to prepare your garden, lawn and plants for winter and spring. Fall landscaping and fertilizing will allow your landscape to recuperate during the autumn and fall seasons to prepare for the tough spring and summer months ahead. During the winter plants […]

Best Pine Straw

Looking to improve your landscape or garden this summer season? Consider using the best pine straw to add natural mulch to your garden. Natural garden mulch is a protective layer of natural material put on top of the soil. Mulch is considered by most to be one of the most important components in a landscape. […]

Pine Straw Mulch

Pine mulch can be utilized all-around vegetables and perennials of all types which include rose bushes and raspberry plants. Pine straw consists of pine needles which come from pine trees. Pine straw may be harvested from pine stands around 6-8 years of age. Pine straw is also the perfect ground cover because of the attractiveness […]

Buy Pine Straw Every Season

One question that comes up a lot is “What is the best time of year to buy pine straw mulch to use in a garden or landscapes?” It is so easy to see the value of using pine mulch, but when do you use it and how does it help your garden each season? Most […]

The Best Pine Straw in the South

The best pine straw in the south is perfect for mulching flowers and shrubbery in the springtime or summertime and is a very good technique to minimize landscaping upkeep plus keep plant life healthy and well-balanced. Mulching with the best pine straw available will help preserve moisture content, about ten to twenty-five percentage decrease in […]

Spruce Up your Garden With Pine Straw

Want to spruce up your garden this spring? I have the answer for you that will not only not break your bank but will not break your wallet either. The answer is simple and very economical to your pocket book and the environment, pine straw mulch! Yes, as simplistic as it may seem, pine straw […]

Pine Straw Acidity Test

The debate has been waged on for many years regarding the acidity of pine straw mulch and the effects the potential acidity may have on the soil acidity and subsequent plant health when used as a mulching product. Now I am here to tell you what I have found through some extensive researching. I have […]

Pine Straw Misconceptions

Through my searches, I have come across some misconceptions about using pine straw as mulch for your gardens and they puzzled me, so I dug in for a closer look. The most common of these misconceptions is that pine straw is too acidic to be used as mulch and will kill your plants, flowers and […]