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2015 Early Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring will be here before you know it! With warm weather approaching it is important to start planning for a healthy landscape for spring 2015. We’ve prepared a handy little list for early spring landscaping tips. It is ideal to complete before the snow melts completely and spring rains begin to arrive. Keeping Spring Water […]

Mulch Like an Expert

It seems easy enough to add mulch to your landscape, but the experts always seem to make everything look flawless. Believe it or not, you can install mulch just like the professionals do. Follow these tips and your landscape can have that clean, high-impact appearance, without the cost of hiring an expert. Prepare Your Landscape […]

Spring Mulching 101

Spring is just around the corner and you’re probably beginning to think about what type of flowers you will be planting. Spring is a time where people like gardening because it’s a relaxing hobby and they like their yard to look aesthetically pleasing. Generally a flower garden is quite easy to care for. The most […]

Outdoor Landscaping with Pine Straw

Pine straw can be used virtually anywhere in your landscape whether it’s at your residential home or office. Landscapers and garden professionals are choosing pine straw as their preferred choice of landscaping mulch due to its resilience, versatility and benefits to plants in the landscape. Residential Uses for Pine Straw: Homeowners throughout the United States […]

Florida Winter Landscaping Tips

Did you know Florida gets freezing temperatures? You might be thinking Florida never gets cold however, Florida has moderate winter temperatures and freezes can occur from Florida City Florida to the panhandle and everywhere in between. Vegetable farmers in Homestead Florida can tell you all about long nights irrigating fields to protect crops from freezing […]

Decorative Landscaping for Halloween Using Pine Straw

Does your family all-out decorate your yard for Halloween? Want a great tip for your decorations that you can re-purpose and reuse after Halloween? If you answered yes, you’ve came to the right place for tips on decorative landscaping for Halloween using pine straw! Even if you don’t go all-out for Halloween and would like […]

Steps to Prepare Your Fall Landscape for Winter

Many people believe preparing their gardens and landscape for winter is pretty easy however that is not the case if you want those bright, eye-catching flowers to be at their healthiest when they first appear next spring. Now, during the fall (also read our blog “2013 Fall Mulching with Pine Straw”) is the best time […]