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2015 Early Spring Landscaping Tips

Spring will be here before you know it! With warm weather approaching it is important to start planning for a healthy landscape for spring 2015. We’ve prepared a handy little list for early spring landscaping tips. It is ideal to complete before the snow melts completely and spring rains begin to arrive. Keeping Spring Water […]

Use Pine Straw in Your Landscape

Pine straw is popular landscape mulch consisting of fallen and carefully cleaned pine needles from pine trees. Pine mulch (also known as pine straw) is a renewable, organic and natural resource that provides beauty and benefits to plants. Really it is no surprise why many homeowners, business owners, landscapers and developers have chosen to use […]

Purpose of Pine Needles

Have you ever wondered how many pine tree species are in the world? Ever wonder why a pine tree has needles not leaves? What about the purpose they serve? In the world there are over 100 pine tree species most notable in the United States are Slash, Loblolly and Longleaf pine. The pine needles from […]

It’s a Fine Time for Pine

This month I wanted to write about pine trees and needles. You might be thinking “what on earth is he going to say about boring old pine trees?” Besides creating clean oxygen, timber and mulch pine trees produce much, much more resources that we often neglect to think about. After reading my blog post you […]