Outdoor Landscaping with Pine Straw

Outdoor landscaping with pine strawPine straw can be used virtually anywhere in your landscape whether it’s at your residential home or office. Landscapers and garden professionals are choosing pine straw as their preferred choice of landscaping mulch due to its resilience, versatility and benefits to plants in the landscape.

Residential Uses for Pine Straw:

Homeowners throughout the United States use pinestraw to line their driveway and pathways. This technique will keep dust down and has a beautiful appeal while driving to your home.

Homeowners use pine straw in their garden and flower beds for several reasons. It provides attractive accenting while providing valuable nutrients back into your landscape. Also use pine straw around the base of your trees. Using pine straw in your garden beds prevents erosion and soil compaction, deters weeds and much more.

Pine straw is the best mulch for vegetable and fruit gardens. For example, pine straw allows the fruit of strawberry plants to rest above the soil and allows plenty of air and water to reach the soil. The pine straw doesn’t compact when it’s left alone unlike most other mulches. Strawberry runners are able to create new sister plants because they can make their way through the needles to create new roots.

Commercial Uses for Pine Straw:

Highway landscapers use pinestraw to cover newly laid grass, shrubs and trees for several reasons. When they water newly planted shrubs and grass, the pine straw protects against soil compaction and prevents erosion. You will often see pine straw lining the sides of highways for the same reasons.

Golf course greens keepers use pine straw throughout their golf courses due to its longevity. They will also use pine straw as pathways and on steep banks.

Pine straw is used in flower beds near office buildings to protect plants from soil-borne diseases by keeping mud splatters off that are caused by rain and watering.

In parking lots pine straw is used at the base of trees and shrubs to insulate the soil and make the soil a steady temperature. Pinestraw is also used in parking lots because it allows moisture to reach plants roots while deterring weeds which means a more attractive parking lot and landscape while requiring less maintenance.

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