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2014 Fall Mulching with Pine Straw

Fall is just around the corner, with the official first day of Fall beginning on September 22 (2014). Fall mulching has benefits beyond the garden such as keeping my shoes clean while I’m walking around my North Florida yard on all these days it has rained daily –some days upwards of 3 inches of water. […]

Pine Time for Fall!

It’s a “pine” time for mulching! Well, as we are all finding out the days are getting shorter and with that the nights a little colder. We are snuggling a little closer and getting ready for the long winter ahead. But, before you get too cozy don’t forget about your friends in the garden. That’s […]

Mulching With Pine Straw In Fall

Besides the fact Pine Straw mulch is a sustainable, renewable resource, it’s so easy and lightweight to work with pine needle and looks very attractive. Young seedlings can grow through pine needle, water can filter down through it, the soil can breathe and yet pine straw still holds in moisture. It lasts longer than other […]