Use Pine Straw in Your Landscape

Use Pine Straw in Your LandscapePine straw is popular landscape mulch consisting of fallen and carefully cleaned pine needles from pine trees. Pine mulch (also known as pine straw) is a renewable, organic and natural resource that provides beauty and benefits to plants. Really it is no surprise why many homeowners, business owners, landscapers and developers have chosen to use pinestraw as their preferred organic mulch.

Pine straw does not generally blow away from the wind because the needles interlock overtime, lasts for a reasonable amount of time without having to be replaced and gradually enriches the soil as it breaks down. Pine mulch is reasonably priced making it affordable for everyone from homeowners to developers and anyone in between.

One of the best ways to keep weeds out of your landscape is to apply pine straw, as it acts like a sheet prohibiting the amount of sunlight needed to produce weeds. Pinestraw is one of the best ways to achieve a beautiful low-maintenance landscape design.

Besides looking great, pine straw provides numerous amounts of other benefits since it is organic landscaping mulch. Pine straw mulch will keep many common garden pests at bay including termites, prevents weed growth as mentioned above, acts as a blanket keeping the soil at a more consistent temperature and releases many key nutrients back into the soil as it breaks down.

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